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Sunflower Halva
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Sunflower Halva


Brightest Ukrainian sunflowers growth and how to transform them into the sweetest dream of experienced gourmets. Products under the private label brand meet the requirements of ISO 22000:2005, food safety management.


Our halva processing consists of 7 main steps:

Preparation of sunflower seeds (pre-sorting, peeling from husk and shells).

The kernels mass preparation (drying, roasting and mashing).

Caramel mass preparation from sugar and starch syrup.

Preparation of natural foaming agent (licorice root or soapwort root extract).

Mixing of the caramel and foaming agent.

Halva ingredients combining and kneading. On this step peanut, raisin, cocoa, sesame, unbroken sunflower hearts, dried apricot or other compounds may be added into the paste.

After the paste solidification, halva is bricked and packed.

All steps of the process of halva preparation are characterized by their own specification and responsibilities in weight, temperature, moisture and other technological details. For example, if the amount of caramel paste exceeds the norm, the product texture and flavor of halva may be distorted or spoiled.

With our halva you can meet any market requirements and archive perfect results.


Storage Conditions

Keep in dry, clean, ventilated storage space at temperature 8-18 °С and air relative humidity > 70% without specific odors. The place must be not infected by corny pests.

Shelf life of halva is 6 months.



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