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About our export

ALK Trading is one of the leading export companies in Ukraine with wholesale experience in the agricultural market.


We produce and export many kinds of Ukrainian natural products of the best quality worldwide.

Our office is located in Odessa - the basic Ukrainian port and commercial trade area.

We propose our own manufacturing lines for sunflower oil and wheat flour with the best quality and effective logistic solution.

Also, in view of the present situation with coronavirus (#COVID19) please take a note on our new position of vitaminized refined Sunflower oil. Such oil helps of food fortification – by adding nutrients and vitamins, which allows us to saturate the human body with the missing nutrients and vitamins.


Also, we are a regular producer and supplier for the export of high-quality sunflower seeds meal and cake for animal feed, in pellets 8mm.


Our export prices are always optimized for the latest market trends, that is why it helps us to build very effective relationships and provide a cost effective service.


Try with us!   We provide our clients with full export service for grains and eligible oil products from Ukraine. 




Join the real agriculture market of Ukraine. Ask us for a quote of any product you are looking for!

Agricultural products offered by ALK Training are grown in the best regions of Ukraine.


We create excellent solutions for our customers by carefully listening to their needs and exceeding their expectations.


By listening carefully to you as an entrepreneur, we know which requirements products must meet. Because of the large network that we have established and our in-house expertise, we go a long way towards meeting your needs. That is why we refer to ourselves as a platform for export solutions. Our packed products are available under individual private label design.


Our company represents our own factory and factories of our partners in Ukraine for sunflower and soybean oils, wheat flour, and many other agricultural products. 


We would love to hear from you. We are here to offer you our assistance to contact, purchase, and export agricultural products at your port of destination.


We can assist you with creation of your Private Label, packing design and fabrication control. And you will get 100% high-quality product under your own mark with our assistance.

Be healthy, unique and use the best food products in the world!

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