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Feed Factory Yeast Powder For Animal Fodders
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Feed Factory Yeast Powder For Animal Fodders

Nutritional Yeast Benefit:

- the resistance of animals to infections;
- productivity growth;
- active growth of young animals;
- feed saving.

Our fodder yeast is a cost-effective substitute for more expensive protein products - fish and blood meal, soybean meal and oilcake at a significantly lower cost.


With our own production base and modern laboratory equipment, we are constantly improving production and formulation.

Given the fact that our company has a long history, the process of growing yeast is constantly being improved by us. For all this time, the use of fodder yeast in livestock and poultry has repeatedly proved its effectiveness in practice.

The specialists of our company constantly interact with leading research institutes in the field of biotechnology of feed additives obtained by microbiological synthesis and modern feeding technologies.

There are two options for packaging products:
- bags weighing 25 kg;
-big bags weighing 1t

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