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Seasonal production price-list for Ukraine

Harvesting early grain and leguminous crops have been carried out on the area of 3.9 million hectares (40 percent). The crop has reached 13.1 million tons of grain.

According to the Harvest Online 2021 project, the new crop volumes are as follows:


  • In the current production year conditions, with a record harvest and high wheat prices on the world market, Ukraine's wheat export capacity in 2021/22 is estimated by the Ukrainian Grain Association (UGA) at 26 mln t, bearing no risk to the country's food security.

    Last year's wheat export was slightly over 20.5 mln t of the produced 28.2 mln t.

    Wheat harvest in Ukraine in 2021/22, as per UGA assessment, totalled 33.1 mln t, 31% up from 2020/21 and ensured an absolute record for Ukraine. The previous record wheat harvest was produced in 2019/20 — 28.2 mln t.

    "Export of wheat surplus is a guarantee of high income for Ukrainian agriproducers, as the domestic market is incapable of consuming more than 8 mln t of wheat, of which only 3.5 mln t are milled to produce bread and other products. And this season we still have increased carry-overs of wheat, about 4 mln t," the experts say.


    Discussions are currently underway on the annual memorandum regarding the maximum volume of wheat exports between the market participants and the relevant ministry. The market players and experts are convinced that Ukrainian agrarians should be given the opportunity to sell surplus wheat in conditions of a favourable price situation on the world market.

    The UGA previously informed about 48.8 mln t of grains and oilseeds export from Ukraine in the 2020/21 season.

    Grains export from Ukraine since the start of 2021/22 has come to 14.95 mln t, 18% up YoY.

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