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Attention Scammers!

Dear Colleagues and Clients,


This is to notify you that there many fake web resources that propose similar products using our legal name and legal address or other real companies.

Usually scammers give unrealistic small prices that do not correspond to the market.



Please note that in order to make sure of the reality and reliability of your supplier, always pay attention to the age of his company, the life of his website (WHOIS), number and the AGE of his social networks (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Alibaba, client reviews and etc.)


Scam Alert

Please take care and kindly ask you to notify us by email on every case of suspicious correspondence.


And please remember that our emails only end only with our official domain

Please see the following articles only to help you perform your own basic due diligence work before considering an online transaction.

Remember that any checks can not guarantee you are dealing with a real and decent company. Only a real due diligence agency can provide that information for you. It would really save you in the long run to hire a due diligence agency before making any international transaction.

These checks will spot a scammer and tell you not to deal with them.

Identifying Scammers and Scam websites

Lookup Company Details Online

Is This Company Genuine - Buyers Guide to 'Do Your Own Due Diligence

Never wire money to strangers

Identifying scam email addresses

If any of these checks reveal that you are possibly dealing with a scammer, move on quickly.

Do not tell the scammer you know he is a scammer, just move on without letting them know the reason you will not deal with them. If you tell the scammer you know or think they are a scammer, you only educate them on how to get better at scamming not to mention that any posted warnings about them could be rendered useless if they change identities. They can change identities in minutes online.

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