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Welcome to ALK Trading!

We are one of the leading export company with wholesale experience in the agricultural market. We export all kind of Ukrainian natural products of best quality worldwide.

Our office is located in Odessa - the basic Ukrainian port and commercial trade area. Our export prices are always optimized for the latest market trends, that is why it helps us to build very effective relationships and provide a cost effective service.

Try with us! We provide our clients with full export service for grains and eligible oil products from Ukraine. 

Join the agriculture market of Ukraine. Ask us for a quote of any product you are looking for!

Be ready for new 2019 harvest

Latest products available now in our export list:

- Whole wheat all types in bulk, only new harvest 2019;

- Corn / Maize (Yellow & White) in bulk, available for sale after August 2019;

- Barley Seeds / Animal feed barley in bulk for export, available for sale in July 2019;

- Offer GOLDEN (YELLOW) FLAX SEEDS available for sale; 

- Soybeans in bulk and bags, available for sale after August 2019;

New best flour of durum wheat, Premium and First Grades;

- Any eligible oil from Ukraine. Cooking oil in PET bottles, cans, tins and flexitanks.

All kind of pressed Sunflower oil: non-GMO crude, refined deodorized winterized, Mark “P’, Organic crude. Special comingHigh Oleic sunflower oil crude in 23mt flexitanks, after the September 2019.


Agricultural products offered by ALK Training are grown in the best regions of Ukraine.

We create excellent solutions for our customers by carefully listening to their needs and exceeding their expectations.


 Be ready for new 2019 harvest with us! By listening carefully to you as an entrepreneur, we know which requirements products must meet. Because of the large network that we have established and our in-house expertise, we go a long way towards meeting your needs. That is why we refer to ourselves as a platform for export solutions oils. Our packed products are available under individual private label design.


Sunflower oil
Sunflower is the most widespread oilseed crop, grown in Ukraine. The acreage under sunflower is about 5 million hectares in Ukraine. For most farmers, sunflower is the most profitable crop, including due to the efficient processing industry.

Due to the established culture and traditions, sunflower oil is today the main vegetable oil in Ukraine, while the demand for other vegetable oils remains low. Most of our bottled sunflower oil is sold to Private Label, focused on various segments of consumers.

After the oil extraction process, sunflower oil undergoes refining and deodorization on the newest equipment in compliance with the international quality standards ISO 9001 and food production safety in accordance with the standards ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000.
Extra wheat flour
Our wheat flour is produced from best Ukrainian soft white milling wheat.
Grains- whole grain

There is a wide variety of wheat grown today. However, wheat is mainly classified as follows:

  • Medium hard bread wheat : This is a standard mill quality wheat. Medium grain size and appearance, medium hard. Wheat flour is suitable for non-fermented flat Indian bread like chapati, naan and tandoori.
  • Hard bread wheat : Bold and lustrous grain. It is suitable for a variety of fermented and non-fermented breads. The bread quality is high. Wheat flour used in making of bread, burgers, etc.
  • Soft bread wheat : Yellowish/white grain, it is suitable for biscuit making, doughnut, cakes, cookies, pastries, etc.
  • Durum wheat : Large and hard kernel, vitreous grain. It contains semolina, which is when mixed with water, forms a dough. This dough used in making of pasta, noodles, spaghetti, etc.
Grains -yellow corn, maize whole kernel
Yellow corn, White maize / whole kernel sweet corn / Animal Feed
Supply in bulk
Grains- Animal Feed Barley


Barley can be included in the diets of most classes of animals as an energy source. Its protein content does not vary as widely as other grains. However, it has a higher fibre level and a lower energy level, which will limit its use in diets of certain animals and stages.


Biofuel Sunflower Husk Pellets
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